Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Big Move

So…I'm moving! I have boxes strewn across my apartment, plastic bags that are slowly filling up with clothes for Goodwill, and lists of things I will need to buy for the new apartment.

The BF and I made our first major purchase together - some new furniture items for the apartment! Among our new purchases, we got a new mattress (a SUPER fancy, adjustable, vibrating, memory foam/gel one), bed frame, sofa, and matching love seat. It's probably the most expensive thing we've purchased yet - I mean, the furniture I have now was purchased from IKEA about 10 years ago…and it's falling apart. So I am SO excited to be getting our new items soon! All of our furniture was purchased at Ashley Furniture.
I also purchased some other little things from Walmart - two dressers for the bedroom, a living room rug, and a TV center. I'm so excited to make a home with the BF! 

Our move is two weeks away (exactly)! I've been trying to work on more TPT products (think - bundles!), but have been side-tracked with things involving the move. I'm hoping to get some work done this coming week. I will (hopefully) be getting into my classroom this week - pictures to follow!

Until next time...

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