Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Big Move

So…I'm moving! I have boxes strewn across my apartment, plastic bags that are slowly filling up with clothes for Goodwill, and lists of things I will need to buy for the new apartment.

The BF and I made our first major purchase together - some new furniture items for the apartment! Among our new purchases, we got a new mattress (a SUPER fancy, adjustable, vibrating, memory foam/gel one), bed frame, sofa, and matching love seat. It's probably the most expensive thing we've purchased yet - I mean, the furniture I have now was purchased from IKEA about 10 years ago…and it's falling apart. So I am SO excited to be getting our new items soon! All of our furniture was purchased at Ashley Furniture.
I also purchased some other little things from Walmart - two dressers for the bedroom, a living room rug, and a TV center. I'm so excited to make a home with the BF! 

Our move is two weeks away (exactly)! I've been trying to work on more TPT products (think - bundles!), but have been side-tracked with things involving the move. I'm hoping to get some work done this coming week. I will (hopefully) be getting into my classroom this week - pictures to follow!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back to School Shopping!

It's officially back to school season when I head out to shop for school supplies!

Today, I met up with my friend Melissa from The Autism Adventures of Room 83 and we headed out to the Lakeshore Outlet Store in Carson, CA. Shopping is always better when it's down with a fellow teacher who gets the excitement of shopping sales and getting quality goods for rock-bottom prices!

After we had lunch, I headed to Target to hit up their Dollar Spot section. While I adore Target as a whole, the dollar section is where I spend the majority of my time (most of the time on my hands and knees, craning my neck to reach goodies that are shoved to the back of the shelves - the diamonds in the rough!)

I was particularly proud of this "building blocks" (wannabe Legos) find in the dollar section. (My students LOVE Legos…but I'm not about to drop some major change for them, just to have kids lose, chew, and "borrow" them from the classroom.)

I also found these great bins! They look very similar to the ones I already have in my classroom (that I purchased last year through Lakeshore - see here.) I found the green one and BY CHANCE a Target employee was putting the orange one back from a pile of go-backs. I loved them so much that I tried two other Target stores to see if I could round anymore up…but to no avail. (Sad face.)

Although I don't go back to work for another three weeks, today's shopping outing only makes me excited to return to work!