Monday, February 2, 2015

Black History Month

February is also Black History Month (BHM) and while my class studies MLK Jr. during January, we also revisit him when we talk about influential African Americans during BHM.

We've done several crafts over the last week and my students have enjoyed learning about his life and the change he encouraged regarding black rights.

Our first craft was a MLK Jr. portrait. Students cut and glue the pieces to create their own MLKs. I typed up a quick little blurb about him and they glued it to their portraits.

It's always great to see the students exercise creative license when it comes to arts and crafts. No two projects are ever the same.

The second craft we did was a quick paint and paste. As a 2nd/3rd grade classroom, we don't do a lot of tempura painting, but the kids enjoyed this one.

And no unit of study is ever complete without a thinking map! I created a MLK Jr. tree map last year that my students enjoyed (see the product here) and so I whipped that back out. We read three different books about MLK Jr. and I loved that my students were using all three as a basis for our completion of this map. 

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