Saturday, January 31, 2015

I Love You, I Love You Not?

February is in full-swing in my classroom!

I pulled out all of my Valentine's Day decor the other day and threw some things up around the classroom. I had bought some pink light strands at Big Lots and was bummed when I returned and couldn't find anymore. 

But low and behold, I had some boxes of pink lights in my February storage box that I had purchased last year after Valentine's Day (and when everything was on clearance!) Yay for planning a year in advance!

I don't think I was this into Valentine's Day last year…maybe it's because I actually have a reason to celebrate it this year?

Happy February!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Four Weeks Later...

And I'm just settling down to a new blog entry! Ugh…I hate not having time to do what I love to do and write!

Here's what's been going on…

  • NEW STUDENTS: I recently got FOUR new students which puts my current count at 14 kiddos. Two of these four just started today - and it wasn't horrible (but that could be - in part - due to our short day)! It went more smoothly than expected - yay! (I love when I am pleasantly surprised by good student behavior!)
  • SAYING GOODBYE: I did manage to exit one of my kids out of SDC and into RSP (yay!) I was so proud of this guy - he's been with me for the last two years and has worked SO hard! He scored in the "average" range on all of his standardized tests - something that is unheard of in the SDC classroom. He's also been mainstreaming into the 3rd grade classroom for math and has been keeping up! I felt my work with him was done and I'd only be holding him back if he stayed in my classroom. I'm so very proud that he worked so hard and can now be educated with his general education peers.
  • WORKING, WORKING, WORKING: I'm still tutoring…recently picked up a few more students which puts my total client count at 6. Soooooo, I'm working full-time and working part-time with two tutoring companies. BUT I absolutely love working with these kiddos - most of whom are in general education. It's great being able to work with students who aren't in special education - I feel like I'm putting my dual credentials to use!
I've been trying to keep up with blogging…I'm hoping to get some major writing time in this weekend. Stayed tuned for more entries (and pictures of my newly decorated classroom - adorned with pink lights for Valentine's Day!) 

Until next time...