Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's the first day of my week off and I just wanted to share some awesome projects that my kiddos completed in our classroom last week before leaving for our Thanksgiving break.

Our first craft was a corn husk wreath. We started by outlining the templates on construction paper which the students then cut out. On the cut-out corn pieces, they took Q-tips and blotted the pieces with paint (red, brown, orange, and yellow). Once they were semi-dry, we glued the corn pieces to the green husks. After that, we glued the pieces to the back of the paper plate and let them dry.

Our next craft was some pilgrim boys and girls - again using my favorite cheap dollar tree supply, paper plates! The kiddos had to cut out the construction paper pieces (we had prepped the paper plates already) and glue the pieces together. I think they turned out pretty cool...

Have a great Thanksgiving! I hope all my teacher readers are enjoying their time off from work!

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