Saturday, September 6, 2014

Focus on Fairy Tales

I've been trying quite a few things in my classroom this year. One of my new classroom projects is having a "focus wall." For the first few weeks of school, my focus wall was centered around our classroom rules and "how to be a great student."

This month, we are starting our unit on fairy tales so I decided to change our focus wall to reflect our new material. First up to bat is our dearest Cinderella...

I found these wonderful genre posters on TPT for FREE - got to love that! I printed them all out, laminated them, and will be using them this year.

And finally, some vocabulary words to go with our unit! I tried to pick words I thought the kiddos didn't know or couldn't figure out with context clues.

Do you use focus walls in your classroom? How do you use them and what do they look like?

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