Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sweet Treats for All!

It's that time of year again - a new school year and a new theme for my classroom!

After having a jungle theme for the last two years, this summer I realized I needed to change things up. So I invested in some new classroom decor and started making what I didn't have. 

Here's a quick tour...

My humble classroom
My front board with our calendar routine
My "sweet treats themed" clip chart 
Our daily schedule

You know it's a good first week back to school when you can get a whole group lesson in with very little distractions/disruptions from the kiddos. We read David Goes to School by David Shannon - a book the kids loved. We had a discussion (that went with our classroom rules and expectations) about what kind of boy David was. We created a graphic organizer together (that the kids copied onto worksheets of their own).

After creating our graphic organizers, the kids used them to create their own writing with them. Here's a sample of what one of my kiddos came up with.

After our writing we completed a David craft - the kids LOVED this! As with most art projects we complete in our classroom, I enjoyed how each one turns out a little bit different and unique.

We also completed portraits during our first week of school. I have a very artistic bunch of kids this year!

I made these for my clock as well - my kids love our unit on telling time and these visuals help them with identifying the minutes.

 I also found this FREEBIE on Teachers Pay Teachers - I printed it out and laminated and we will be using it as our classroom rules for this year. I like how each rule was positively stated.

One of the many things I did for my classroom this year - I changed the desk configuration around! My teacher's desk used to be by the front dry erase board and the students' desks were in a u-shape. We'll see how this configuration goes.

We also use Class Dojo in my classroom - an app and computer website that facilitates classroom management (a must in any special education classroom!) I created these posters for the classroom token economy that goes along with the Dojo points; students can "buy" prizes once they reach 20 points.

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