Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not a Bad First Week

We started back at school on Tuesday and it's been a whirlwind week so far!

I have a group of 12 kids (I originally had 11 but I just received a new student TODAY) Most of them are (*knock on wood*) looking like they will be a good bunch of kiddos.

My classroom looks awesome (I will have to take pictures tomorrow before the weekend!) I went with a  Candyland/sweet treats theme this year. I ended up making a lot of my classroom decor (behavior clip chart, jobs, word wall, etc.) - all of which will be up on my TPT store shortly!

I was also asked today to be a BTSA support provider for a new teacher. (And of course I said yes!) Since getting my masters degree, I have been looking for opportunities to be an educational leader in my community…I think this is a good start. (I think I am more excited than the teacher who's actually going through the induction process!)

Stay tuned for my adventures during this new school year!

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