Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Teaching a Young Dog New Tricks

I love learning new things - especially when it comes to my blog. I was recently having a discussion with my "blog mentor" Melissa over at The Autism Adventures of Room 83 who told me she had been meaning to create a watermark for the pictures she posts on her blog. What a great idea - something I need to do for my blog! I thought. 

But how on Earth was I going to accomplish that? I have no idea how to create a watermark, so I figured that the easiest way to "claim" my photos was to create a brush that I could use in Photoshop when I was editing my photos. (I'm not quite sure how watermarks are different than doing this method - that's another blog post!)

So, I first I created my image. I bought some new clip art and used my favorite font!

Next was the tough part - how to make an image the actual brush. I perused several different blog posts about creating a brush in Photoshop but none were user-friendly guides. I finally found one from Adobe - the creators of Photoshop. It was clear, concise and easy to understand and apply.

Once I had my brush created and loaded, I was able to claim my images!

What do you think? Now everyone will know where those awesome pictures and blog posts come from! 

Until next time…
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