Wednesday, May 21, 2014

APP ALERT: Todo Math

Our class has had the wonderful opportunity of sharing a set of iPads with one of my 2nd grade colleagues (at least until I get my own iPad cart next year!) My kiddos have been SO excited to get to use technology in our classroom. 

I've been slowly trying to introduce them to various apps, in an effort to not overwhelm them with all the wonderful things the iPad can do.

One app that we have been using during math centers is an app called Todo Math. My kids LOVE this app and ask to use it every time we pull out the iPads. And, because it's aligned to Common Core State Standards, I don't feel guilty when I let them use it!
The app focuses on many math skills covered in K-2, including number recognition, counting, writing numerals, addition, and subtraction - perfect for many of my students who are struggling with these concepts. This app benefits struggling learners who require visual supports and additional practice to strengthen their relationship to solving math problems. Todo Math helps students improve fluency of math sums and difference, while also supporting the conceptual understanding of early math concepts.

As a teacher, I like that the app has multi-functions. Students can engage in "timed practice" games or "free choice." By choosing free choice, students are able to engage in multiple math skill games. My "lower" students love the counting and tracing games, while my higher students engage in the cookies game which focuses on addition and subtraction concepts. 

I like that I can have differentiated groups, working on the same app at the same center but focusing on the concepts each individual student needs practice on.

Check it out and see what Todo Math can bring to your math centers!

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