Friday, May 2, 2014

Anchor Charts

So, I am a big fan of anchor charts. I use them for everything and across our curriculum! My kids love them (and always comment on how "Ms. Parker's charts are always so colorful"). They are also a great reference tool when we are working in small groups or if they're working on independent activities - I always refer them back to the chart. They'll review the information and if they still have questions, they can come ask again.

We've been learning several new concepts in math (graphing, measurement, and fractions) so I made some new anchor charts for use in our classroom. The kids have loved learning these new concepts and have enjoyed using the anchor charts during our math time.

These are based off of ideas I found on Pinterest - I've tailored them to reflect the needs of my kiddos. 

What do you think? Good tools for the classroom? Let me know and repin to Pinterest.

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