Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Visual Schedules for All

As any special education teacher can attest, routines and schedules are crucial for the successful running of any special education classroom. I learned very quickly and very early-on in my teaching career that visual schedules are imperative to keeping my students on-task and on-track. 

It also reduces the issues that stem from students wanting to argue about what they want to do and what they are supposed to be doing. All I have to do is refer them to our visual schedule, tell them it's time for [insert activity name here] and then give them the choice - complete the required task or deal with the consequence of their choice (which usually involves getting pulled down on our clip chart - another effective tool I use in my classroom!) 

I've used a few different visual schedules over the last three years. My kindergarten SDC students needed more pictures/visuals than my current older students needed, so I've tweaked the schedules as I've seen appropriate. My 2nd/3rd graders don't rely on pictures (they can read the words on the schedule cards).

I've been developing some new documents/posters for my classroom next year and I've created some new schedule cards for my kiddos for next year. They turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

If you're interested in some colorful schedule cards for your classroom, check them out at my TPT store here! Schedules are a must-have classroom management tool in your special education classroom. Happy scheduling!
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