Monday, February 10, 2014

Week Full of Apps!

I am a huge advocate of technology in special education classrooms! The district I work for is moving to 1:1 iPad implementation this coming school year (2014-2015) for our K-1, 2nd and 6th grade classrooms. This year, we have classrooms across the district that are piloting iPad classrooms.

As a 2nd/3rd grade combo class, I've been reassured that my special education class will be included in the 1:1 iPad program for the next school year. (I'll believe it when I get them, though!) I do, however, have several iPads in my classroom this year and have been using them in conjunction with my Apple TV. 

This week I'll be focusing on showcasing some really great applications that we use in my special education classroom - apps that are great for any classroom!

To kick off our week, I'm going to tell you about the Educreations app. 

If you aren't familiar with Educreations, it's a great application that lets users turn iPads into recordable whiteboards. This app uses voice recording, realistic digital ink, photos, and text to create lessons and recordings that can then be shared through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

With its ease of use, both students and teachers alike can readily create and present lessons or tutorials that they have created. The app is versatile and can be used across the curriculum with everything from science to social studies to math.

While some presentation apps only allow you to "draw" in, Educreations allows its users to import pictures from the iPad's camera roll, web, or Dropbox. If that doesn't suffice, users can always take their own pictures on the spot.

This app is a great way to engage students and "show" their thinking - especially in the areas of science and math. Students can create a quick tutorial that can then be shared with the rest of the class via Apple TV. 

Educreations also has a website that has lessons for a variety of different subjects. It's a great resource for teachers who just want to jump in and start experimenting with the app. Apps in Class also have a great resource about how to use Educreations at every level of Bloom's Taxonomy. 

If you haven't heard about Educreations, check it out! 

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