Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday's App: Remind101

I have been looking for a way (for months) to effectively communicate with ALL parents in my classroom. I have several parents who are absolute angels about getting back to me when I call, email or send notes home with their child. Unfortunately, I also have parents who won't return notes or communication if their life depended on it. 

My school has a teleparent system but I can't personalize the calls. I have found services that allow me to send out personalized, pre-recorded broadcasts (like the services offered by Call-Em-All). However, these services cost money (starting at $7.50 per month). I wanted to find a system that allowed me to send out a message (whether via text or pre-recorded service) but that was minimal on cost. 

In comes the app Remind101. It provides teachers a safe way to send out text messages for parents and students. It is 100% free and I can send as many messages as needed each month.

It's easy to set up - just check out Remind101's website here. The website will guide you through the process of setting up a class (or multiple classes if you teach middle school or high school). Remind101 will assign you a class code that you will register to from your cell phone. Students who have your class code can register to receive your messages.

Using the Remind101 app, teachers can communicate with anyone who has registered their cell phone number with your class. You can send out reminders for tests, homework notices (to those who haven't turned in homework), words of encouragement, or general classroom reminders. You can send out the messages to individuals or the entire class, and you can even schedule texts to go out at a later time.

For those of you who have trouble getting and keeping parents connected, Remind101 is a great app that helps facilitate smoother communication with parents and students alike.

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