Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday's App: Book Creator

Today's app of choice is Book Creator. I was first introduced to this application through one of my district's technology trainings. Our technology leads had been discussing applications that could be used to create books and while we had discussed other apps, Book Creator was one that we kept coming back to. Once I had the chance to play around and experiment with it, I fell in love with it!

Book Creator is an application that allows users to create beautiful iBooks right on the iPad. Books that are created can be read in iBooks, sent to other users, or can be submitted to the iBooks store. 

As with other apps, Book Creator allows its users to use pictures from the iPad camera roll, take photos on the spot, or grab photos from the web. With just a few tugs and pulls, you can resize images and move them around the page as you see fit.

For a special education classroom, this application holds so many possibilities. Prior to this app, I was spending my weekends creating social stories books for those of my students who needed them. I would spend hours transferring photos from my digital camera over to my computer, and then placing those photos in documents, creating the story, and then printing out those pages to be laminated. 

Now, with Book Creator, I can easily and efficiently make my social stories while I'm at work (taking students' pictures as needed - especially to capture those "problematic" behaviors). Book Creator allows me to create the book and save it as a PDF which I can then save into iBooks and readily pull up when my students need it.

Although the application has a free version, it only allows you to create one book. The paid version (which is the one I have) allows users to create and share multiple books - and for $4.99, the app is worth it if you're going to utilize it with students in your classroom throughout the school year. If you're looking to invest in a great, creative application that allows your students to create individualized books, consider investing in this awesome app!

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