Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's a Jungle in Here!

So, earlier this school year I spent some time (and money) investing in resources for my classroom. I wanted to go with a particular "jungle theme" and since I was just starting out on TPT and hadn't invested in any designs, clipart, etc. decided that I might as well buy the things I needed from other sellers and use it in my classroom until I had the time to start making things myself. My classroom ended up looking something like this.

Six months later, I have steadily increased my TPT inventory and am now starting on bigger projects to include for sale on my store. One of those items is a Dolch sight word wall card list. I've included all five levels of Dolch sight words (Pre-Primer to 3rd Grade) - each card decked out in a green leopard print style (to stick with my jungle theme classroom!) 

I've also created some classroom rules posters to add some pizzaz to my other seemingly boring rules that I had quickly written on some chart paper. (They're also adorned with the cutest clipart from MelonHeadz Illustrating!) 

I'm working on creating a comprehensive packet with classroom posters and forms to use - all in a jungle theme! (If you're a Type A/borderline OCD person like me, everything's got to match!) Stay tuned for the complete package to appear on my TPT site soon!

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