Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Smile for the camera!

I have a deep set love of all things creative and crafty. I am an artist at heart and I love any and all activities that allow me some degree of self-expression. 

Photography is one of my more favored outlets. I took several photography classes in high school and loved that I was able to develop my own film and turn them into photographs. I have used both manual film cameras and point-and-shoot cameras over the years, but have been yearning for something a bit more advanced and sophisticated. 

This led me to investing in a new DSLR camera for Christmas. With the help of my mother and grandmother, along with several hundred dollars I had saved up for this occasion, I was able to purchase a Nikon D3200 with a two-lens kit. I am so excited to have a new camera to experiment with!

My hope is that I can use my new camera to begin a part-time photography business. I would like to shoot lifestyle photos - newborns, children and families, senior portraits, and engagement sessions...and possibly weddings at some point. 

I'm still playing around and getting to know my new camera but I did happen to take some test shots of my sister and her fiance when they were in town. I've posted them on my photography page on Facebook. You can check out my page here, if you're interested!

I will post some pictures from a craft/project session that I'm doing this afternoon - I'm making some adorable props for my Valentine's Day mini sessions! Stay tuned!

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