Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MLK/Black History Month Ideas

I'm a little late in this post, but wanted to share some of the activities my kiddos completed in class this month. I taught a unit on Martin Luther King Jr. that the students really enjoyed learning about. We read several books and completed a couple of different activities with what what they had learned.

We used KWL charts to kick off our MLK study. The kids recorded what they knew about him and asked questions about what they wanted to know, recording them on the chart. Upon completion of the unit, we will complete the last column - what they have "learned."

We also completed a MLK craft called "My Dream." My students shared what their dreams were - getting a job, becoming a police officer, helping animals, etc. One even said his dream was to see MLK alive. (Awww!)

My students also completed a tree map for MLK. It was the first time that we had used this particular Thinking Map and my students completed it remarkably well. They got the idea of completing each "branch" and were eager to volunteer responses. One of my third graders even volunteered the word "justice" - and knew what it meant! These guys continue to surprise me.

 My students also had the opportunity to complete two different writing prompts. One writing prompt asked students to write a letter to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., thanking him for his efforts in making the world a better place. The second writing prompt had students write about what they could do to better the world.

All of these MLK worksheets can be found at my TPT store - click here! It's a great addition to any MLK unit or Black History Month unit (which is coming up in about a week!) Have fun with them!

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