Wednesday, January 8, 2014

KWL Charts for January!

Since I have had the last two weeks off (with one more week of vacation to go), I have had some time to work on some new TPT products. The return of school in January marks an important period for some teachers - half the school year is over and summer is just several months away! But before we start getting out our beach towels and sandals, we have several months - packed with holidays and parties - to get through.

I have mentioned before that in my SDC classroom I use a lot of graphic organizers with my second and third grade students. We use everything from KWL charts to circle maps to Venn diagrams to double bubble maps. We utilize formal programs such as Thinking Maps as well as informal organizing techniques. I feel that my students benefit and learn better when we use these tools in conjunction with our learning units. It helps my students with learning disabilities organize their thinking and brainstorm important ideas and thoughts. 

I am a big fan of KWL charts. It's a great tool for brainstorming and evaluating my students' schema prior to a unit. It's also a wonderful reflection tool at the end of the unit; it helps determine what students  have learned.

All the products I create and post on TPT are products that I have created and used in my classroom - products that I think other teachers might find useful. I hope that you do find use for them in your classroom!

These are just a couple of the new KWL charts I have posted on my TPT store:

I hope that you enjoy my products. I will be posting more products soon!

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