Friday, November 1, 2013

Bring in the Fall!

I absolutely love November - if for nothing more than the beautiful fall weather! Living in Southern California, our weather fluctuates between really hot and fairly mild. We don't get real seasons like the east coast and other parts of the country (which is probably why I absolutely ADORE going back to New York whenever I get the chance!) 

November gets me excited for a few different reasons. First, it's a fairly short month for teachers as we have Thanksgiving break. And - as many teachers would agree - a week off from the kiddos is always a welcome break. Secondly, November signifies the coming of Christmastime - my most favorite time of year! I start breaking out my Christmas decorations the day after Halloween so that I get at least two full months of Christmas lights and decor. Finally, I get a week off to spend with my family and friends - oh, and I get to eat some amazing food that my mom cooks. 

 So, Happy November/Fall!
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