Sunday, October 27, 2013

Teaching How to Use Tech

As a teacher who has become very invested in the continued and effective use of technology in the classroom, my first priority before using any technology is to teach my students how to use it. 

In a time where more and more students are coming into the classroom as digital natives, it's important to remember that not all students have access to technology in the home and subsequently may not know how to use classroom tech. I have students who come in knowing as much about iPhones and iPads as I do - all by age 10. I also have students who do not have computers or fancy cell phones at home because their parents cannot afford it. 

Apart from knowing how to use technology, I think it's important that my students know how to properly care for the technology these use in the classroom. Before my students even touch our classroom iPad or iPod, I make sure to teach them the rules of handling our technology - and I make sure to point out that the technology does not come cheap. (And if they break it, they lose more than just their Friday free time!)

Being as it is I've been stuck at home the last few days sick, I have had ample time to catch up on my graduate school homework and work on some new products for TPT - including some iPad rules posters which I adore and are modeled after the practices I use in my own classroom.

These posters are great for classrooms that utilize technology like I do - and they're available through my TPT store right now! 

Before you let your students run free with technology, make sure they understand how to properly care for it!
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