Monday, October 21, 2013

October Pins

It's no big surprise that I am a Pinterest fan. I've gotten quite a few questions from fellow teachers about where I get my ideas for arts and crafts and it's very simple - Pinterest. 

I love that we are moving into the holiday season because with that comes the influx of pins and posts with creative, holiday-inspired arts projects to do in the classroom. 

My class has been busy the last week and has had multiple opportunities for art. Some of my returning third graders didn't get ANY art time last year with their teacher, and they really enjoy all the activities we have been doing in my classroom. We completed these spider handprints and bats this week - the kids loved using the paint!

I also found this idea for bats on Pinterest and coupled it with a worksheet that I made (in a hurry) for an acrostic poem about bats. I'll be posting a final version of the worksheet on my TPT store this week, so come visit me!

Stay tuned for some more wickedly creative ideas from Pinterest and friends!

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