Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Official!

I'm officially on Teachers Pay Teachers with products available for sale - yay! It's taken me some time to actually sit down and prep what I wanted to put up (even with major encouragement from my friend, Melissa), but I've done it...even if it is a meager start. I currently have four documents up - one of which is a freebie (so check it out!) 

I've started uploading some of the newsletter templates that I have created. Simple templates to begin with, but I will be posting some more products soon - and with all the new clipart that I purchased (and bought commercial licenses for!) tonight.

Here's a preview of a couple of my items on TPT:

All my items are only $1.00 right now in an effort to garner some more followers and reviews - so check my products out! And thank you for your support! I look forward to creating some more materials soon.

Until then...

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