Saturday, September 7, 2013

Using Technology to Motivate Students

I was recently introduced to the classroom behavior management tool, Class Dojo. I had heard about the program a while back but didn't know what it was exactly until I created an account and started playing around with it. I found out that it's behavior management software that allows students to accumulate points for good behavior and lose points for misbehavior.
Although I have a behavior management clip chart in my classroom and use a multitude of other incentives with my students with special needs, I've been struggling with my new class to find something that would work for all my kiddos. I'd been researching classroom token economies when a colleague of mine reminded me of this program. I thought I would check it out and see if it was a viable system to use in my SDC classroom.

It was incredibly easy to register and begin using the program on my iPad; they make you register from a computer but once your account is up and running, you can use it from an iPad or iPhone. I quickly put in my students names and could immediately begin to use the program.
Example of what class screen looks like
Once you have your class compiled, you can customize what you are going to give points for and what behaviors you're going to deduct points for. I changed their default behaviors to things I want my kids to be able to do in class - raise their hand to speak, stay in their seat while working, keep hands to self, use time wisely, etc. 
I think one of the great things about the program is that you can track student behaviors - both positive and negative and see which areas need to be improved upon. It also allows you to see what areas the classroom, as a whole, needs to work on. Class Dojo also allows parents to log-in to the website (using a unique ID number for each child) to see how their child is doing in the classroom. 
Teachers can use Class Dojo as a way for students to collect and accumulate points to earn themselves incentives and prizes. The program cuts down on the paperwork, the tickets, and the plastic coins of traditional token economies and streamlines it into a clean, user-friendly program for the iPad. 
I've created classroom posters that you can use in conjunction with Class Dojo. 

You can get a copy of them here. You can customize and edit it as you please - I just ask that if you use them and have a blog, please link back to my blog here! Thank you! (EDIT: I converted the PPT to PDF so that you guys can see the fonts that I used - it's all about the typography!)
Now, go get your Dojo on!
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