Saturday, September 28, 2013

Parent-Teacher Conferences

October is the time for parent-teacher conferences! I have always had a love-hate relationship with these conferences. I really enjoy the opportunity to work and talk with my students' parents.  I love having parents come in and tell me that their child is loving school and has blossomed in my classroom. I love hearing how they have seen a change in their child, how their skills have improved, how they are happy to be in school again. 

However, I also get parents who couldn't care less about meeting with their child's teacher. Or - on the opposite end of the spectrum - I get parents who come into my classroom and attempt to dictate what I should and shouldn't teach. (No joke - I had a parent try to tell me what books I could and could not read aloud in my class!) I can already tell I have several parents like this in my class this year.

Conferences are next week and I'm trying not to stress. I have five conferences on Monday, three on Tuesday and that's just the start of them. I also have one IEP next week that I haven't even started writing goals for yet. Ah, the life of a special education teacher.

In order to ring in the conference season, I decided to FINALLY put up my first product on Teachers Pay Teachers. It's a conference take away handout that I created - especially for the fall season. (I will be adding one for spring conferences as soon as I have time!) Hope you enjoy it - it's FREE! To download it, click here

Happy conferences! Until next time...
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  1. Kristin-
    This is a great tool for special educators. We are so use to trying to adapt the general education materials it can sometimes become exhausting. This form is SO simple yet SO exactly what I need! Thanks for all of your wonderful idea's you have to share!

  2. Thank you for checking out my product, Melissa! I hope to have some more products up soon! I aim to please my customers! :)