Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Uh-Oh

With less than two weeks until the start of a brand new school year, I have been busy preparing as much as I can without being able to get into my classroom. Construction is currently underway at my school site and teachers won't be let into their classrooms until the weekend before the Wednesday we start school. Bummer, I know. 

I love classroom decorating and set-up. It really builds the anticipation of a new school year and is something I look forward to every August. I wasn't thinking my first year of teaching when I decided to make my classroom as "cutesy" as possible. I spent many an afternoon and evening changing bulletin boards (paper, borders, and accents - oh my!) It was exhausting and I felt that as soon as I had one board completed it was time to take it down and put up the next month's board.

Last year - during my second year of teaching - I got smart. I decided to have one cohesive classroom theme and the only thing I would have to change on my bulletin boards was the student work. This worked out much better and I wasn't spending my weekends in my classroom.

Last year's theme was "the jungle." You can see pictures of my former classroom here - in all of its jungle glory. I loved it and my kids liked it too!

This year I wanted to change it up and go with an outer space theme - something I could easily make decor and/or buy products for. I was so excited about my planned space odyssey...until I found out the news about my classroom.

My principal informed me that a tree had fallen during the summer on the bungalow that was supposed to be my classroom. The construction company that is currently on campus doing other work has declined to take the additional job, therefore setting into motion an entirely different process for bidding on the proposed work with the school district. 

So, instead of heading to space, I'm going to be heading to my storage unit to drag out all of my jungle-themed classroom items. With so little time in the classroom before the beginning of the year, I figured reusing my decor from last year will save me time in having to create a totally new set of borders, trims, accents, etc. 

At this point, I don't have a classroom - which makes me very nervous considering how close the beginning of school is. The good news is that the school has two rooms that are not currently being used as classrooms. The bad news? Both classrooms would require a significant amount of moving items/furniture and my principal isn't sure where they would store the things.

I really like the idea of having an actual classroom as opposed to a bungalow - particularly this one classroom that is in close proximity to the front office and copy room! I'm crossing my fingers that things work out and I get into a classroom - and soon!

I will post some pictures as soon as I find out more!

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