Friday, August 9, 2013

And I'm a Shopping Addict...

I have to make a confession. I went school supply shopping AGAIN the other day (which is quite funny, considering I don't currently have a classroom!) If they had the equivalent of AA for teachers with shopping problems, I would be a frequent attendee. 

In my defense, though, I will say that Target and Joann's continue to have great back-to-school sales. I came across some great finds.

A travel-themed scrapbook on clearance for $3!
A teacher can never have too many fancy scissors. 
Working on a scrapbook from my trip abroad and these fancy accents were half-price!
Yes, I am! 
Clearance section at Target - only $5 to $8!
Another awesome find in the dollar bins at Target! 

Only 99 cents at Target's back-to-school sale!
More dollar finds including flashcards with dinos, presidents and the U.S.
$1 classics at Target!

Showing my spots - for my classroom!
And of course, some more movies for my collection!
I will definitely be putting these items to good use this year!

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