Saturday, July 27, 2013

Parental Guidance

I have always valued and appreciated parents who work as volunteers in my classroom. I understand that many of my families work - often more than one job - and I have always appreciated them taking the time to help out whether in the classroom or taking something home to work on. At the beginning of the year, I send out a survey to all of my classroom families and invite them to volunteer and help out in the classroom in any way they can. Being present in the classroom isn't the only help I need and parents are able to indicate ways they can be of service. For a copy of the survey, click here

However, when I open my classroom to my families, I also get parents who have no intention of working but would rather sit in the back of the classroom and watch their child the entire day. I've had parents who have asked to "volunteer" and then spent the entire morning sitting by their child at each and every center, wiping their nose, and intervening when they thought it was necessary. It wasn't productive for the parent and it definitely was not beneficial for the child. 

In order to help deter some of this problematic parent behavior, I send out a letter prior to the parents' visit that clearly and explicitly states my expectations of them while they are in the classroom. It provides a contract for the parents and myself to refer back to throughout the course of the year, should any disagreements arise. I'm not sure where I originally found this letter but feel free to download it here and tweak it to fit your own classroom needs.

I hope you find these documents useful for parent volunteers - I do! Until next time...

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